Le Sang was the Chairman of the Vovinam Vietnamese Martial Arts World Federation. Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art and based on Vietnamese traditional subjects. Among of Vietnamese martial arts Amongst, Vovinam is the largest and most developed in Vietnam with more than 60 schools around the world. Grand Master Le Sang was the person with the highest degree in Vovinam in the world. This, beyond any doubt, exceptional man remained an extraordinarily open-minded person with an incredibly young spirit.

Sang started practicing Vovinam in the spring of 1940 at the Hanoi-based Ecole Normale College of Education and learn directly from Nguyen Loc who founded Vovinam. After a few years of training, With his natural abilities, intelligence, hard work and an earning for learning, Sang overcame his physical difficulties and tremendously improved in his martial arts discipline. Grand Master Nguyen Loc recommended him as one of the Vovinam instructors in Hanoi. Since then, he followed him to teach Vovinam all around the country. Sang continued to teach and open more Vovinam classes and before Grand Master Nguyen died, he officially pronounced Master Le Sang as the Next Grand Master of Vovinam.

At that time, although life was still difficult, Grandmaster Le Sang still spent every night writing book to system of thoughts 토토 in martial arts. He’s not only good at martials arts but also capable of leadership and good business. He is also a talented person, he often composed many poems filled with deep feelings and martial arts spirit.

After several years struggling with illness, Grand Master Le Sang passed away on September 27, 2010 at the age of 91. Even in the last days of life struggling with illness, the Grandmaster still demonstrated a high sense of responsibility for the discipline’s mission while preparing to transfer leadership responsibilities to the Vovinam Council of Managing Masters. Grand Master Le Sang devoted his whole life to develop this martial arts. His departure is a loss to the martial arts generally and a great misfortune for all Vovinam disciples worldwide. Thanks to his lifetime contribution, Vovinam has widely spread to more than 40 countries around the world.

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