Vovinam is a Vietnamese martial art and based on Vietnamese traditional subjects. It is involves the use of the hands, elbows, legs, knees and weapons such as swords, knives, chisels, claws, fans. But it is also practiced with or without weapons. Amongst Vietnamese martial arts, Vovinam is the largest and most developed in Vietnam with more than 60 schools around the world. It is originated in the country during the uprising against the French occupation in the 1930s.

The creation of the art was inspired by some of the more ancient Vietnamese fighting techniques that tie in with Kung Fu. The art combines a variety of moves and is mostly based around striking and weapons. Like Karate, it has a focus on hard and soft techniques which means it can be practiced at a high or low intensity, depending on the preference of the individual. Along with martial arts philosophies and health maintenance techniques, Vovinam provides a system of martial arts techniques that encompasses various forms of self-defense that are very effective in real life combat.

The self-defense techniques Vovinam teaches covers defense against weaponless attacks, like choking from behind, and defense against attacks with weapons, like knives and swords, and other sharp objects. The goal of this sport is to train students on Strength, Techniques, and Philosophy to develop a solid body, strong endurance, self-defense and a rational mind, invincible will and gallant character.

Practitioners wear blue uniforms and earn belts just as in other traditional martial arts. It begins with a light blue belt, and when a student pass their first exam, the belts are 토토사이트 changed into dark blue color. When they reached completing the following 3 exams yellow stripes are added to the blue belt. This 3rd yellow stripe is followed by the yellow belt, it means the student has reached instructor’s level. Higher levels include the red and white belts, designates the master to the absolute mastery of Vovinam.