Kabaddi is a contact team sport and National sport in Bangladesh. There are two variations in kabaddi. Punjabi kabaddi, also known as CIRCLE STYLE, and the second is the STANDARD STYLE.

In the Circle Style, comprises traditional forms of the sport that are played on a circular field outdoors. The field is a circle with a radius of 22 meters which is divided into two equal halves by a mid-line. The game is played over 40 minutes with a five-minute break between halves. There are seven players on each side and the team that outs all the players on the opponent’s side scores four extra points.

In circle style, whenever any player is touched, he does not go out of the court, but stays inside, and one point is awarded to the team that touched him. This style introduces a Pala which is a gate in the center of the playfield. Its total length is 6 meters. This pivotal line is usually three 토토 meters on each side and the raider must ensure that he reaches back into his own half through this pala. If the raider crosses the midline through the Pala, he will be awarded a point.

In Standard Style, Kabaddi is played on rectangular court indoors. This format allows seven players below 80 kilograms with five substitutes. The game is played with 20-minute halves with a 5-minute half break in which the teams exchange sides. There is the MID-LINE that divides the court into two equal halves for the two competing teams. BAULK LINE means each of the lines in court parallel to the mid line at a distance of 3.75 meters which the raider has to cross in order to legitimize a raid.

During each play, raider runs into the opposing team’s side of the court and attempts to tag as many of the seven defending players as possible. A point is scored for each defender tagged. If the raider steps beyond the bonus line marked in the defending team’s territory, they earn an additional point known as a bonus point. The opposite team earns a point if the raider is successfully tackled. All players tagged are taken out of the game, but one is revived for each point a team scores from a tackle. The team earn two additional points and the players are placed back in the game if they gets all seven players on the opposing team out at once.

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